A White Lab Reveals The Art of Selling Art

A White Lab Reveals The Art of Selling Art

Arty has been on the road the last few months making product presentations, and even a few sales. We really think it is fantastic that a dog can bring so much to the table as a marketing voice for the website, and we reached out to Arty for his thoughts on selling art.

Q: Arty, thanks for agreeing to the interview. We wanted first off to share that we love the energy you bring to the website as the headline avatar.

A: I love being at the top of the homepage. All the credit goes to an awesome graphic artist from Serbia. So what’s on your mind, bud?

Q: Well, it seems unusual that a dog would have so much success selling art, but you really seem in the last few months to be hitting your stride. We hope you will share some details of your approach, but what is the big picture story to your success.

A: Well, it does help to be a cute dog for starters, but that’s not necessary. What really matters is finding people who are interested in acquiring art. Therein lies the art to selling art, or anything really of a discretionary nature. Unlike cars and dishwashers, folks don’t think about needing art. But actually a lot of folks really do benefit from art. They just need some prompting to realize it.

Q: So how does the conversation flow, then, Arty. What is your art to selling art?

A: Well, my conversation is very much a work in progress, but for sure it starts with sharing with people what we do here at Midisparks. The Midisparks story is interesting and evolving. Webmaster Dan has a musical background as a classical oboist. He discovered a passion for musical composition and decided he would use his tracks to sell art. The concept itself is still very much a work in progress, very much unproven actually. But it is a great conversation starter.

Arty learned tricks of selling art from an old dog who sold used cars.

Q: Okay. Assuming folks’ interest is piqued by the concept, where does the conversation flow from there?

A: Well, they may ask how things are going and I am generally frank that the concept is unproven but we have had some good buy-in from artists, composers, fans, even some sales. At that point I usually ask if they are art fans? Sometimes they flat out say no and that’s it. Sometimes they ask what kind of art we sell. Usually I will share a little bit about our major categories and then ask what sort of imagery they like. If they respond positively to that question, I keep the conversation going accordingly. Sooner than later I ask if they might have a space in their home or workplace that wants a print.

Q: Wow. Seems if you get a green light on that question you are home free.

A: Well, for sure we are headed in the right direction. You ask at this point if they might like to take a look at the online shop and see if anything interests them. At that point I give them a card and make a note to follow up with them. If they are really ready to consider something, I offer to get together with them and look at some things together.

Q: You are such a smooth sales dog! So spill now. Give us the secrets of the Arty art sales presentation!

A: Really, dogs don’t have too many secrets. We are basically nice to our masters because they feed us. It is the same with the customers. We are nice to them because they are going to buy from us. I just try to make my customers comfortable and help them figure out what they are comfortable buying. That mostly boils down to figuring out what they need. Do they want cards? Do they want something unframed? Do they want our framed solution (Gallery Mount)? How big would they like to go? How big can they afford to go (What is their price point)? If I can get through all that with them and they are still in the game, then I can close.

Q: How do you work the close, Art?

A: I ask if they want me to help them do an order or if they want to take care of it themselves later on the site. If they want to take care of it later, of course I let some time go buy and if the order does not come through. . .I HOUND THEM!

Q: That sounds a little aggressive Arty!

A: Hey, I’ve been working out.

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