Vampires, White Labs, Greeting Cards

Vampires, White Labs, Greeting Cards

Arty and I were discussing recently what goes into a great greeting card. The conversation was prompted by reservations expressed by both your Vampiress and your White Lab about recent Midisparks choices for 3 new card collections featured in the Art Shop.

Arty was particularly critical of the Rafael Kempter entry ‘Monocerotis’ from the Rafael Kempter Space Art Collection (view the collection). For our White Lab, investing a card with the sender’s personality is primary and what achieves some personal connection with the recipient. Despite the awesome reds in the core of Rafael’s formation, and despite the dramatic white sweeps of stars circling that core, there is for Arty no connection created between giver and getter in the presentation of this image as a greeting card. Arty thinks something lighter hearted, that speaks to the sender’s personality, is much more fun and connecting.A family of dogs all confessing to watering the x-mas tree.

For my part, I was focusing critically on ‘First Kiss’ from the Carney’s Victorian Sentiment Collection (view the collection). Of course given my vampiric condition, I am somewhat limited in the kinds of relationships I can pursue. For me this image of sweet embrace evokes some sadness, some sense of loss. I am really concerned about card recipients having this kind of response to a card expressing such sweet (and perhaps to some unavailable) intimacy. I would rather stick with something a little tougher, a little more generally accessible. Bleeding vampire lips, for example! Now there is something we can all appreciate and experience on an equal footing!

I hope you will form your own opinions about the Midisparks Art Sales Greeting Card Collections. If you like the designs, the offer is quite good: 8 linen finish cards with envelopes. free shipping. $26.60

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Image - closeup of Midisparks avatar personality Lolita Vampiress featuring blood dripping from the lips


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