Shelley Neff Photography

Shelley Neff Photography

Fine Art Photography by Shelley Neff

Shelley Neff photography is represented extensively in the Midisparks Art Sales portfolio.   Many of Shelley’s images are of regional subjects in her home state of Pennsylvania, and specifically in her hometown of Harrisburg, PA.   Shelley’s Midisparks portfolio gravitates to natural subjects on the one hand, architectural and landmark subjects on the other.

paper kite butterfly | butterfly photos | nature photography | photographer Shelley Neff

Butterfly Images by Photographer Shelley Neff

Four stunning closeups of butterflies are featured on the site (Paper Kite Butterfly, White Peacock Butterfly, Tickled Pink Sulphur Butterfly, Tang Monarch Butterfly), all with accompanying audio by Dan Goldstein. Three of the four images magically capture the insect’s moment of delicate engagement with a flower.  All the images present butterfly wings at rest – surely no small photographic feat.  The accompanying audio to three of the butterfly presentations suggests the delicate interaction between insect and flower. In some cases there is a sonic allusion to the fluttering of wings.  A more recent field and stream category entry of Shelley’s on the website is ‘Autumn at Wildwood‘ which captures the splendor of Fall foliage at the Wildwood Nature Conservancy in Harrisburg.  The audio in this feature develops an entire insect world of sound and action and truly creates a subnarrative about the ‘behind the scenes’ of the photo.

The Pennsylvania Capitol Dome peaks out from behind a blooming forsythia in this exterior shot by photographer Shelley Neff.

The Pennsylvania Capitol Dome peaks out from behind a blooming forsythia in this exterior shot by photographer Shelley Neff.

Prominent among Shelley’s numerous shots of architectural and landmark subjects are interior and exterior presentations of the Harrisburg State Capitol Dome (Capitol in Bloom, Majestic Heavens, Christmas in the Rotunda).  Creative composition and angling, which we can see in ‘Capitol Dome’ (left) create both playfulness and a sense of dynamic motion.  In addition to the ‘Wildwood’ entry, we have two completely different representations of the Susquehanna River (Market Street Bridge Reflections, Awakening the Sense).

Shelley Neff Photography for Sale

Until very recently, Midisparks Art Sales was privileged to offer seven of the photographer’s images for sale as art greeting card sets. We are now happy to offer a full line of Shelley Neff photographic prints, in a variety of dimensions, through the Midisparks Art Shop. Collectors of Pennsylvania art and photography will be particularly interested in exploring the Shelley Neff collection.

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