light from a church window illuminates our young pastor in a grey suit, standing tall, bible in hand in the colorized portrait photograph.


Aspiring Young Pastor


art photo print




8" X 12"

Our portrait photo of an aspiring young pastor, proud and exuberant in his double-breasted gray suit, bible cradled in his arm, speaks to us a happy message of present accomplishment and rich potential for the future. Composer Mike Sadler’s joyful piano invites us to celebrate this moment. Together with our suited young man, we stand in the light filtering through stained glass, which saturates all with G-d’s spirit, and His blessing. The window’s bits of red could bloom to roses at any moment. The green plants are lush with the good energy. Brightness spreads out over the wall’s darkness as if soaking up an overabundance of bright spririt coming off the lad. And even as the composer’s choice of solo piano establishes a context of simplicity, even humility, upon which the happy melodic strains are built, so we might understand that our boy’s projection of success rests upon the simple but powerful decision to stand in the Creator’s light. Carney’s Colour Photo Creations offers photos to buy, including the inspiring vision of promise before us now.

Dating men’s fashions is a subtle affair. There are no hemlines to serve as indicators, nor exaggerated figure silhouettes in play. Nevertheless, there is a sense of modernity that speaks to an image from the 1920’s or 1930’s.

We are honored to offer an art photo print of this young pastor on archival grade Fuji lustre paper. The entire Carney’s Colour Photo Creations collection derives from vintage black and white images of the highest quality. These were digitally scanned and artistically colored. You can view the entire collection in the Midisparks Art Shop.


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