Propriety and domestic bliss speak to us from this beautifully colorized old photo of a young married couple.


Young Married Couple


art photo print




8.5" X 11"

As we grow older we appreciate more deeply the gifts of youth – optimism, good health, a relaxed and unsullied joy in simple things. And certainly this young couple projects all of it. But certainly also, the era’s propriety speaks to us through formal pose and dress in this beautifully colorized old photo of a young married couple. Husband is well-appointed in his suit and tie. Though he holds his newspaper casually, the theme conveyed is one of duty and responsibility. The young woman presents in full-length, fully modest beige dress, neck covered. Her hands rest on a small purse. Despite the proper pose and dress, we see in their youthful complexions the blush of young blood pumping. Their relaxed smiles speak of simple domestic bliss. Their eyes look forward, not at us, but into the distance, full of hopeful visions for their future.

What music for this antique photograph, this tranquil pose of a young married couple? Composer Mike Sadler chooses a gentle solo on acoustic guitar. The melody invites us to hold for a moment, to appreciate the tenderness and harmony conveyed in the image. But this sweet melody is not without a certain ambiguity. Are these placid strums a sonic brushstroke of sweet memories and personal associations? Perhaps for some. And perhaps for others they are strains of yearning for, or acceptance of, an idyllic condition that was never ours, and never meant to be.

Mike Sadler’s artistic colorizations of these precious antique photographs make them true collectors items. We all feel a certain sense of kinship with personalities in the antique family photo. Perhaps it is the shared sense of common history.

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