Artist Elize Kaisserlidou achieves a pastel abstract by washing digital color over an image of tree foliage in this colorized photograph.


White Dreams


gallery mount with easel




7" x 5"

Artist and composer Elize Kaisserlidou presents an abstract in soft pastels – washes of digital color over a nature photograph of foliage. Greens, reds, pinks, blue-grays, create a thin veneer over branches and leaves. The pastel abstract which results preserves the sense of experiencing nature – but it is an experience as much felt as visually perceived. For the foliage itself has become abstracted through the swashes of color which partially cover and surround.

Just what makes Elize’ treatment of the image so appealing? How does she achieve an effect so fluid, so soothing? It is in Elize’ accompanying audio that some clues lie. In the soft rounded tones of the synth pad we see some sonic analogy to the gently undulating digital brush strokes, especially in the right section of the image. The unaccented harp tones seem to bear some relationship to the understated tones of the pastels. The audio encourages a bit of daydreaming, as does the image. It creates an ambience which resonates with the reflective, dreamlike effect of the artist’s colors.

The audio is brief and leaves us wanting more. So we linger on the image, creating our own personal melody of associations, thoughts and fantasies.

We are grateful for both musical and visual contributions to the site by Elize Kaisserlidou. We hope you will explore her other contributions on the site through her artist profile.

White Dreams is available as a 7″ X 5″ lustre print, a high resolution download, or a Gallery Mount with Easel.



  1. I think the music goes very well with this one. The harp-like synth is dreamlike in a way. Your wash of pastels and some roses do make a dreamscape of the nature photo. Beautiful work.

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