An eggshell veneer of wet ice, bumpy, silver, glistening, covers the ground in this winter abstract by John Terwilliger.


Wet Ice Veneer


photo print




8" X 10"

Do you remember the old movie classic, ‘Sunset Boulevard’, in which a crazed Gloria Swanson, under arrest for the murder of her young lover, faces the TV cameras and says, “I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. Demille.”? Hollywood closeups undoubtedly call for some extra attention to makeup and some mental preparation as well. Nature, on the other hand, seems eternally ready to reveal her intimate wonders to the creative zoom lens. That revelation is often a level of structural detail which transcends itself. In closeup, the natural subject often morphs into something abstract, expressing qualities quite apart from itself.

John Terwilliger’s closeup of wet ice suggests, perhaps, some microbial system examined under the microscope. If we let our eyes cross, to becomes one of those cool ‘Magic Eye’ designs that reveal depth, third dimension, hidden forms. We can lose ourselves in this maze of black paths surrounded , dominated, by snow covered mountains. And then, if we have not driven ourselves completely to distraction, we return to the surface of the photograph with a profound sense of wonder at what lies in Nature’s store.

Music for the morphing image should itself have some quality of metamorphosis. This might be expressed in the unexpected evolution of a sound, or perhaps in the unexpected development of a secondary motive. It will be interesting to hear what our contest composer concieves.

Terwilliger’s closeup of wet ice is an entry in the Midisparks Winter Composer’s Contest, also known as the “Watch & Listen Art Print Giveaway”. Vote your favorite art and win a chance for a free art print of our our featured art.


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