Waiting for the bus on a hot day in spring. Everyday scenes by artist ViVaDa. watercolor 40cm X 30cm


Waiting for the Bus


art photo print




11" X 16"

I have always felt that Karsten’s painting of an older woman (we wonder if she is blind) sitting alone and waiting for the bus is a portrait in loneliness, in isolation, in resignation. With both hands she leans in, ever so slightly, on the cane planted in the pavement before her. Her travel bag rests there as well. She is thus prepared to rise when the bus should come. But her face reveals no particular hope or anticipation for that moment, but rather resignation. Her lot has been, and is still, to wait.

In capturing this simple, everyday scene, Karten confronts us with the profound existential condition of our lives. Are we not all somehow in a continuous state of waiting? Even as our support systems (our canes and travel bags) stand ready to assist us in meeting the hoped for moment, that moment nevertheless eludes us. Our faces, as we proceed alone through our lives, unavoidably and inevitably reveal resignation. They become frozen. They petrify. This is sadly brought on by disappointment and the failure of hope.

The quiet, contemplative electronic track by composer Promenade2239 sustains us in this difficult confrontation with the painting and its bitter theme. The music succeeds in doing so by the gentleness of the synthesizer sounds. They serve as a blanket for us. They comfort us. Waiting for the bus is easier.

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