In this window photograph, seepage covers a wall in thick black streaks and seems to blacken the window itself.


Ventana del Tiempo


limited edition canvas wrap




12" X 18"

In artist Uriel Agustin’s window photograph, an insidious ooze has seeped through a leeking gutter and spread down in thick black streaks, like marks of Cain, over a neglected plaster wall. Or are these a witch’s dark dreds, which seem to obliterate even the window itself, helpless and unhelped victim of time’s cruel ravaging. And why has no hand scrubbed these stains? Wall and window seem abandoned, isolated from concern over this encroaching night. Composer Behnam Zandi’s piano track resonates these themes in the photo – abandonment, isolation, victimization. A stark chordal hit, like a cry in the night, resonating almost to decay, is followed by similar isolated events. There is no flowing line singing a song of life. Rather, in painstaking manner, each chord offers a single word in the desolate victim’s narrative of cruel neglect. Why might we buy such a photo? Perhaps to contemplate these sad conditions is also to study their cure.


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