Deep cellos lead us deep through the valley of an ice covered planet by artist Rafael Kempter with audio by Stohgs.


Through the Valley


gallery mount with easel




5" X 7"

Artist Rafael Kempter invites us to walk through the valley of his planetary landscape towards distant fog covered mountains and to discover an ice covered planet emerging from clouds. Space art succeeds in educating even as it entertains. Perhaps we are looking too much for that typical infinite blackness speckled with bits of starry white. Rafael reminds us that cloudy skies and desertous terrain can also be components of spacescapes. Of course the big-ass planet emerging out of these clouds, close enough to lasso, plants us firmly on alien terrain.

So we stop and behold, in awe, as a frozen, ice covered planet emerges from her cloudy shroud. We are alone with only the wind’s whispering, and our thoughts, to accompany us. Out of that wind comes a voice. Composer Stohgs offers a different angle to our appreciation of this space art with an audio track featuring spoken word. Our solitude and our awe before wonders in G-d’s universe opens us to self-reflection, and to the encouragement of the Voice inside, which offers us counsel, and hope. Discover Rafael Kempter space art at Audio Sparks for Art and at his website. Discover Stohgs audio at Audio Sparks for Art.

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