Frances Lewis offers 'Torn', a compelling and subtle self-portrait that speaks of some slow boiling anguish, but also of some strength against it.




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10" X 10"

We have very few self-portrait presentations on the site, so it is fantastic to be able to think about the impact of artist Frances Lewis’ creative presentation of her own image here along with audio. The single word title of the presentation gives us a hint of something hard going on. That Frances is Torn reveals in the black wound above her left eye and in the cross-hatch on gray beneath her face. Frances’ face emerging out of blackness likewise sends a powerful signal of some struggle. For we could just as easily imagine that she is not emerging from, but fading into the black, that something hard is closing in, enveloping her.

The audio accompanying the image is Frances’ own “Black” Before we even read the lyrics, we sensed from her voice a kind of torment in process, slow boiling. But unsurprisingly, there is also a boiling over with a drop and a hard hitting section featuring some awesome crying guitar.

Checking out the lyrics seems to confirm the theory and we give over the lyrics here.


I Try To Close He Holds Me Down,
I See The Stairs That I Can Climb,
But I Cant Fight My Way, Screaming But No One Is Alarmed,
I Try To Hide But He Holds Me Down,
I See The Stairs But I Cant Climb,
But I Cant Find My Way,
Screaming No One Is Alarmed,
My Skin Turns Black,


I’m Worth More Than A Bruise,
If You Thing I Can Forgive All The Times You Abuse Please Think Again,
Of All Reasons I’ll Escape From You.


Come And Rescue Me,
Why Dont They Save ?
Love Once Bound Eternaly, No Longer Amence,

We are hugely fortunate to have discovered Frances’ work. She has a huge portfolio over at Redbubble, but we are privileged to offer a high quality art photo print of ‘Torn’ at our own shop. Please click over on the ‘Shopping Cart’ button above to patronize our featured artist.



  1. Very cool, creative message with the music and picture. Now thats real art thank you for doing what you do. The music is badaz! Rock on Lady. Do you play any shows yet? 🙂

  2. yea, stohgs. for all the abusers out there – the real message. Get a fair share of hits on this poster because I think folks are feeling it. But they probably don’t want it on their walls! The music is totally vintage ’60s
    I think the artist was inner circle with like Jim Morrison or Jefferson Airplane or something.

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