large yellow and cream wings fringed with pink adorn this clouded sulphur butterfly resting on a lilac bush in a photography by Shelly Neff.


Tickled Pink


art photo print




10" X 8"

Photographer Shelley Neff has a butterfly bush in her backyard that happily offers one special image after another. Here a clouded sulphur butterfly has come to visit.

The clouded sulphur butterfly is known to hybridize with the orange sulphur and to produce several broods from March to December. Harrisburg photographer Shelley Neff captures a sulphur butterfly alighting upon her chosen flower to feed. Her delicately colored wings present clearly for us. The flower shakes ever so slightly as she draws nectar. Music composer Dan Goldstein’s harp in pentatonic chords carries us with the butterfly to the photo’s moment of subtle activity. Softly bubbling bass clarinets suggest the energy of feeding and pollination.


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