Teranova means new earth, but as an abstract is subject to many different interpretations and narratives, of which Dan Goldstein offers one.


Teranova 3


gallery mount with easel




7" X 5"

Teranova means New Earth. Your blogger’s narrative for this painting, however, is about the onset of deep sleep. Perhaps it is Teranova in the sense of sleep’s gift of renewal. The circle of blue is the thoughts which accompany us as we lay down to sleep. They swirl around gently, slowing and slowing as we sooth ourselves in bed with prayers of gratitude, thoughts of forgiveness for self and others.

In the painting, lines of blue and purple push upward and leftward against this swirling circle of thought. Like hormonal secretions of melatonin, these lines push against consciousness, against pain, and into a cottony bed of oblivion, like the white cottony section of Danijela’s canvas.

Danijela herself offers an alternative explanation:

“When you meditate in relation with the earth you become different, but the earth is changing also-through meditation becomes a new earth and a new man…Blue is the color of spiritual and red color symbolizes the remnants of the material.”

It seems the dream of sleep corresponds to the artists notion of meditation. Both can be catalysts for change, as they reveal insights from a deeper consciousness. It is fitting that the red, the remnant, exists in the bottom right of the canvas. With the artist’s words, we see evolution, even directional flow in the painting. From the material, the red patches, we transition to lines of purple (towards the spiritual) and then into the full spirituality and revelation of the blue.

Danijela also contributes the project’s audio component. Succumb to trance. Breathe the air. Feel the energy. Let go of the material, of the painting’s red. Make your journey upward to the spritual, to the G-dhead.

May these words and this music accompany you each time you enjoy Danijela’s painting. You can acquire a print of Teranova 3, as well as her other works, from the Art Shop. Select the ‘shop now’ button to head over.



  1. I love this interpretation Dan, thank you for that…

    • I like also what you said about the painting over at Facebook, Danijela. I tried to incorporate the idea of meditatioin into my own discussion. Now we must sell, sell, sell!!

  2. great job on both the painting and music.love the deep sound, lots of depth on both music and painting.

    • Thanks for the comment Roland. I learned a lot about Danijela’s New Earth series from this one. Her musical styles are also incredibly varied. She actually is also a total rock-out guitarist. Good collab partner!

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