An dense cluster of tubelike strands reaches upward in this expressionist painting by Serbian artist Danijela Jovic.


Teranova 1


gallery mount with easel




7" X 5"

Serbian artist Danijela Jovic paints a dense cluster of colorful, tubelike strands. There appears to be some struggle, some striving. Individual strands have emerged. They assert themselves, reaching upwards to connect with sisters above. Danijela’s abstract speaks to the process of creation, an evolution from chaos to order. Perhaps the assertive tubes reach not to sisters above, but to a physical manifestation of their Creator.

What is this dense cluster?

We might imagine purple sea urchins clustered about a golden yellow formation of kelp.

purple sea urchins hover around a dense cluster of golden yellow kelp

We might imagine a cluster of dahlia tubers resting upon a seabed.

a dense cluster of dahlia tubers rests upon a stone-paved surface

The nature of the tuber might be instructive to our understanding of the painting.

Tubers are enlarged structures in some plant species used as storage organs for nutrients. They are used for the plant’s perennation (survival of the winter or dry months), to provide energy and nutrients for regrowth during the next growing season, and as a means of asexual reproduction (Rooting cuttings of tropical trees, London: Commonwealth Science Council, 1993, p. 11, ISBN 978-0-85092-394-0).

Like tubers, Danijela’s otherworldly, tubelike strands contain the pent-up stuff of creation. They hold the raw material and potential for physical generation.

The independence dance of the tuber cluster is underway! They stretch. They flex. They prepare for the hop and the drop. This seems to be the joyful message conveyed through appropriately alien sounding tones in the brilliant audio track by Urezy. The intonation of the strands is frightful and joyful simultaneously. It is somewhere between a lion’s growl and a buddhist monk’s chant. ‘Let us reach for the sky’ The music speaks of joyful competition. The reward is release from the cluster, independence and self-identity.

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  1. great music. kinda merges with the painting. nice flow and transitions. beautiful.. I know I’m in the contest, but had to give you a vote.

    • No rule against voting the competition’s project, Roland! Shows confidence in your own entry!

      I agree Urezy track flows well with the painting. Those spooky chant sounds are for me the individual strands of that cluster singing. He really creates a new world with the audio to match the new world (Teranova) of Danijela’s painting. I wonder how he created those bits.

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