A monarch butterfly, actively engaged in pollinating a bright orange flower in this butterfly photography by Shelley Neff.


Tang Monarch Butterfly


art photo print




9" X 6"

For this pollinating butterfly, we would expect some bucolic theme – a gentle pad on a sweet major chord, with a slow-moving bit of melody wafting over. But the composer explores less romantic aspects of the image. The butterfly is an insect engaged in pollination. She is part of system quite different from ours. Really, hers is a world quite apart from ours, alien, potentially hostile. When we meditate upon nature, there is an aspect of mystery, of foreignness, in systems very different than ours. The music seeks to capture some of that other worldliness. It hopes to create a sonic ambiance resonating with the quiet, focused business of this pollinating butterfly. And then of course, through repetition, and the trance-like condition that can create, it hopes to hold our focus on the details of the creature, such as the coloration of wings.

Composer TheHumps had this to say about the image and audio:

I’ve never looked at a butterfly and thought of it as ever being aggressive or industrious but I suppose at some time it has to go about his butterfly world taking the good as well as the bad.

The drum part at the beginning I thought of as it’s tiny heart beating and starting it’s day. Then comes the stress and tension of the daily life of a butterfly, fighting winds, looking for a bite to eat and avoiding bug zappers.

We have chosen photographer Shelley Neff’s ‘Tang’ for the Midisparks greeting card collection. Generally we look for images that fill the card with color or otherwise have a certain fullness in the subject which assures impact on the greeting card surface. In this case, we think the striking clarity of orange in flower and pollinating butterfly against the greens and whites of background achieve these qualities. Please click over to the Shop on the shopping cart button above to order ‘Tang’ and to discover the other high impact entries in our Shelley Neff greeting card collection.


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