A fiery red tentacle monster emerges from the windows of a haunted house in this Midisparks Halloween Art Contest entry by Gerald Sawyer.


Strange Haunting


Giclee Print




16" X 13"

A ghostly red, tentacled monster haunts this old Victorian mansion. In this convincing portrayal of demonic possession, artist Gerald Sawyer creates a supernatural effect with a pallete dominated by reds. Has our beast descended from the bloody sky? And before that – from where? What horrible crime at sea was committed by the resident of this cursed abode, such that this octopus-like creature would visit and possess?

Beyond the possibilities for background narrative, we are amazed at the artist’s technique. Fantasy monsters rarely disturb your humble blogger. But this creature is frightening and creepy, its probing tentacles finding passages in through windows, and out through doorways. This may not be art for the living room. Perhaps it will work in the teenagers hideout or the man-cave.

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