An electrically charged storm cloud promises to hail purples and reds in this abstract photo creation by photographer Shelley Neff.


Electric Cloud Rainbow


8 large greeting cards




7" X 5"

Photographer Shelly Neff’s colorful storm cloud seems to beg some active, hard hitting audio track. This would seem appropriate given the bright yellows that energize this brooding cloud, as if G-d Himself was shooting swatches of paint at the formation from some cosmic paint gun. Likewise, the deep reds at the base of the mostly deep blue cloud pulse like some insistent kick drum in a House beat.

The actual audio solution by composer Pat Kammerer is both counterintuitive and remarkably informative. Really the colorful storm cloud needs no energy enhancement from the music. Rather it benefits from the inward looking and subtle sounds from the composer’s unique sound palette.

What Patrick’s audio does for me is to develop gradually the electrical charges (white lightning-like streaks) that are woven into the fabric of the cloud. There comes a moment in the track when that charge erupts. Did you catch it? The composer concludes his subtle narrative with a bit of heavenly choir, suggesting a spiritual dimension to, or blessing upon, this mysterious cumulonimbus.

We think Shelly’s bold colorization works well as a greeting card product. The Midisparks Art greeting card is large, 7″ X 5″, has a luxurious linen finish, and is blank inside and on the back for your note. The card comes with envelopes and may be purchased in the Art Shop by clicking on the ‘shop’ link.



  1. Wow! This is very creative and a beauty that expresses deeper within. Amazing what you can do! The audio for this could be very very interesting and challenging to capture the power of this art. Thank you for sharing your works here too. Like it very much!

      • Ah man, im too late ha. Nice one by Spiv here though. Cool view towards the picture with this type of audio. Wondrous roads.

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