Silly Roses


art photo print




10" X 10"

Artist and photographer Tabitha Borges presents an image of sisters laughing. Do you remember warm vacation days of childhood, lying in the field with your brothers, or sisters, or best friends? Stretched out on the grass, head to head, you formed a pinwheel of shared secrets and feelings, of pure joy in the bask of a summer sun and the freedom of school’s out. We hear the laughter clearly, laughter evidenced by the mouth wide open smile and crinkle squint eyes of the girl face up. And if we have forgotten that laughter also comes from the eyes, we only need look at the faces of the other two girls to remember, and to know this gleeful moment is fully shared by all three.

Tabitha shared with us her process of creating this happy image as follows: “Was shot from standing above the subject looking down on the hillside outside my home with my EOS Canon Rebel. The pink and white roses were a birthday present from the three daughters: Autumn eldest, Camille middle, and Hope youngest. It was a very fun and merry moment. After the shot I cropped, added bubbles, and added an Adobe filter.

We must wax poetic about those three roses around which these happy faces form a circle. Surely the unbridled joy of these girls has brought these cream blooms into existence. And we suspect that the white bubbles which run a trail across the photograph are percolating new blossoms, also inspired to fullness by the girls’ enthusiasm.

Composer Mark Ratcliffe offers up an audio track that makes of this joyful moment a celebration for all of us to share. His song, Let Your Love Grow, creates that ecstatic feeling of rocking out to an entirely positive message. Ratcliffe is no stranger to composing music for art. Sometimes we should think carefully about imagery and craft the musical expressions accordingly. Sometimes we should just respond to the pure and explicit emotional message in the image and not sweat the details. Tabitha’s message is straightforward and Mark’s song is straightforward. These girls sharing love and joy inspire us to do the same. With the positive encouragement of Ratcliffe’s song we engage happily in the party.

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