Artist ViVaDa presents an abstraction of a Sanssouci statue in the baroque garden that forms part of the Sanssouci Park in Potsdam, Germany.


Sanssouci Statue


art photo print




11" X 16"

Sanssouci Park is a large park surrounding Sanssouci Palace in Potsdam, Germany. Included in the park is a baroque flower garden with lawns, flower beds, hedges and trees. It is within this park that we find the Sanssouci Statue, the subject of artist ViVaDa’s ghostly watercolor.

Really, the initial impression is not of a statue but of an apparition moving slowly forward, past the brushstrokes of red and purple which are the gardens tulips and lilacs. Danke’s track creates a mood of foreboding, suggests grave intent. Unfinished business must be put to rest, even so this ghost can find repose. There is a tension between the all white statue and the floral abstraction at his feet. The blooms push back. They say, “Cease this mission of revenge. Are we not beautiful? Is it not enough for you this gift of an eternity surrounded by nature’s annual rebirth?”

The second section of Danke’s track offers the statue’s reply. “No – I must press forward. I am not with you. I am alone. That is my curse. I cannot accept your gift. I cannot forgive.”

It seems entirely appropriate that our painting is blurry. It speaks to the tension of an offer of beauty and peace tragically spurned.

We are grateful for the opportunity to show this watercolor on behalf of ViVaDa and to offer fine prints through the Midisparks Art Shop. Please click the shopping cart link above to select your print from the shop.


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