Rosepetals closeup and covered by a waxy yellow in this digital treatment by Greek artist Elize Kaisserlidou




gallery mount with easel




7" X 5"

“Beauty of Roses,

when it lives, when it fades

it is there in all its grace”

Elize Kaisser Mars 3 .

There is a different rose than the one you have seen, and of course I wanted to make it happen

“it is white, like death and life

it is red , of old colour, and

alive while you touch its petals”

Are the rosepetals of artist and composer Elize Kaisser red or white or yellow?  Of course in the expanded reality world of digital photography, they can be all of the above and more.  Expanded reality seems like a useful term because photographs are by definition rooted in the realistic.  More often than not, with colorized photos, our frame of reference continues to be the real subject.  In some of Elize’ treatments this proposition is perhaps a bit harder to defend.  In ‘RosepetaLs’ this is no need for defense at all.  The experience of the image shifts altogether to questiosn of colors and textures.

Does the audio offer any clues about the artist’s decision to largely coat red roses with waxy yellows and whites?  Perhaps not.  The reflective tone of the gentle piano track serves mostly to hold us in our own reflections and speculations about meanings in the image.  Some of us associate red roses with expressions of romantic love, white roses with close friendship.  Does the white begin to give way to the red – a deepening affection blooming?  Or does the white smother the possibility of something more than close friendship emerging?

We are happy to be developing products from the photographic colorizations of Elize Kaisser. ‘RosepetaLs’ is available as an 8-pack of linen finished greeting cards, as a 7″ X 5″ lustre print or as a high resolution download.

You can order Elize Kaisser designs in our Shop by clicking over on the shopping cart button.  Don’t forget that domestic shipping is always free.


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