A red velvet hat adorns a 1920s woman in this photo colorization of a vintage black and white image for sale in the Midisparks Art Shop.


Red Velvet Hat


art photo print




8" X 12"

Somewhere in the wilds of Bavaria, a bright-eyed, rosy cheeked, peaches and cream young woman, sporting a schick red velvet hat, is waiting for the right boy to make her laugh, then sweep her off her feet! And maybe they find that first laugh at the local beer hall. There a jolly duo plays for their happiness – accordion and cigar box guitar (do they play cigar box guitars in Germany?) roughly tuned to vibrate in sympathy with the heart strings of gay young lovers!

Such is the power of music for art. Here it suggests an entire narrative of romance and a European venue! We must disclose, however, that this beautifully colorized photo from the Carney’s collection is most probably of an Australian woman from the 1920s. We heard Roaring 20’s flapper music with this one – but doesn’t composer Joe Cramer’s track allude to music that might be heard in the same era across the ocean – perhaps even in the burlesque clubs of a decadent 1920s Berlin?  Perhaps the dance is in three rather than two, but the sentiment is the same – one of rollicking, joyful abandon.  And be the language of courtship German, English, or otherwise, the language of hope and intent conveyed by our date’s bright blue eyes is universal.

The Carney’s Colour Photo Creations collection is the work of Mike and Caroline Sadler, hailing from Perth, Australia. Their process begins with the high resolution scan of an original vintage black and white photo. Artistic colorization breathes new life into these timeless images. Colorized photo art for sale is available in the Midisparks Art Shop.


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