Night blooming crocus set against solid black with mysterious effect in this Shelley Neff flower photograph on Midisparks Art Sales.


Purple Haze


art photo print




10" X 5"

Byleth’s audio track astounds us with its ominous emotional progression.  Who would have suspected so much dark drama might be associated with our delicate trio of purple petals?  But the track takes us slowly but surely from dark to darker, and if we hadn’t notice the emergency red centers of these flowers before, we can thank the music for pointing them out to us now.

Your blogger is only familiar with one flower whose various colors signify shades of emotion and that is the rose.  Red speaks of love, pink of affection, orange of passion, white of pure friendship’s devotion, yellow of joyful association.  So why not extend this symbolism further, to the full spectrum of shades, and allow purple petals with red center to speak of adventure, or danger, or ominous portent.

Absent the music, it is easy enough to enjoy photographer Shelley Neff’s slightly hazed closeup capture of three full-bloomed crocuses. The iris family, to which these crocuses belongs, offers a wide variety of colors and patterns. Our specimens are noteworthy for pointed purple petals and red-orange stamens. Shelley’s photograph severs the flowers from the earth – there is no sense of connecting stalk. Rather, our floral trio floats on a rather ambiguous black-gray background. How should we feel about this slightly abstracted effect? The audio has no doubt – there is a threat, an ominous episode afoot. We would not have expected this, but in retrospect it all fits. Such is the power of a composer’s well-considered translation of a visual impression into music.

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