Photographer Shelley Neff's closeup of a gerbera daisy with bright pink ray florets and cream colored central capitulum.


Oopsy Daisy


art photo print




12" X 8"

We enjoy here photographer Shelley Neff’s closeup of a gerbera daisy with bright pink ray florets and cream colored central capitulum.

The closeup in nature often has the fascinating effect of abstraction. It is the abstraction of the microscope when we blow up the smallest bit of total surface to reveal intricate pattern and detail which becomes artistically sufficient unto itself.  But really the closeup here has the effect of creating something solid and assertive from something delicate and particulate.  The pink spreads fully and assertively across the canvas and asks us to consider the color itself over the elements of the floral subject.

The effect of closeup photography opens up possibilities in compositional choices for the audio.  The solid, in-our-face pink might suggest for the music some sustained, prominent single note, effected somehow, perhaps bearing some frequency relationship to the pink of the image.  But our composer does not walk this path in her response to Shelley’s gerbera daisy closeup.  The photographer’s treatment has served to magnify delicate, shiny droplets scattered about on the large ray flora.  It seems the audio resonates most with this emphasized delicacy.  The track features a gentle arpeggiation of chords and encourages us to stay focused on the still existing definition between individual petals of the flower.

Nevertheless, it is the completeness with which the subject involves the canvas in this photograph that makes it such an excellent candidate for the Midisparks boutique greeting card product. We are very excited to offer Shelley’s Oopsy Daisy photograph as a fine linen finish greeting card, available in a 10-pack with matching envelopes in the Art Shop. The card is part of our extensive Shelley Neff greeting card collection. Please click to the shop where you can explore the complete line and enjoy selecting a card for yourself!





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