A pair of old bikes half hidden in a green field seem intertwined as if in love. A watercolor painting by artist ViVaDa.


Old Bikes in Love


art photo print




11" X 16"

Are these old bikes seeking, in modesty, the cover of the green foliage, or are they emerging, coming up for a breather from their tangle? Artist Karsten imagines these two wheelers (they really don’t look so old to me) as lovers for their proximity and an apparent bit of handlebar necking. There is the illusion also that they share the same seat.

On a less fanciful level, we appreciate Karsten’s soft green and yellow watercolors, creating a foliage bed warmed by bright sunshine. Indeed there seems little doubt but that it is a bright sunny day. Against the rather idiomatic blur of the greenery, we are impressed by the sharp lines and contrasting color choices for the bicycles. The one sports lavender, fandango, rosewood, raspberry; the other is all cadet and royal blues.

Our composer is making an interesting stab at sonic bicycle erotica. We must use our imagination and it is possible the track has more to come. But we hear the female beckon in the initial groove’s fluttering repetition of a detuned C6(-9cents)(1035.95hz). Her amorous partner responds with 4 short calls at C6 (+36 cents)(1068.57hz), then breaks out into his full-blown song of love. Will a duet follow?

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