Earth tones predominate in this acrylic on canvas expressionist abstract by Serbian artist Danijela Jovic at Midisparks Art Sales.


New Earth IV


gallery mount




11" X 14"

Danijela’s abstract painting, rich in earth tones, roughly divides the canvas into three emotional areas. Left and lower edges feel foundational. The yellows and browns, if not serene, feel stable. Leaning into this southwest bed, a low grade turmoil of red and orange lines, black and brown swashes, and a bold blue swirl. This central bit of canvas is in process. Something grows, evolves from this mass of subtly competing shapes and colors, perhaps not for the good. And what of the great swash of white that possesses the northeast corner of the canvas and seems ready to inundate the rest of the painting like a relentless ocean wave?

The mindhiest58 track might be understood (probably coincidentally) in terms of the painting’s segmentations. The rich bed of chorus, harpsichord and harps, on the one hand gently reflective, also foreshadows ensuing conflict. The anvil strikes. It is the “end of the dawn” (did I get this line right Roland?) Texture thickens. The battle drum strikes. The guns fire. We are in the thick of the conflict – the fomenting center of the abstract.

It is most difficult to reconcile the audio narrative with the blogger’s notion of the painting’s third segment – the great white wave which seems poised to demolish all. In fact the musical track resolves back to the contemplative mood of the beginning and this suggests a different function for the northeast corner of the painting. It does not represent the final, ultimate aggression. Rather, it offers a cottony cushion which serves to absorb at least some of the central section’s tumultous energy. Or it is the placental lining, which offers succor to the gestating central mass.

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  1. The audio is powerful and very effective for me with this abstract. The sounds, the mood all resonate with the colors and textures of Danijela’s painting. That the music breaks out into something fast, something forceful, in the last section suggests to me the white in the upper right corner which seems ready to inundate the rest of the painting like a relentless ocean wave. Powerful work.

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