The sun rises on a Miami skyline featuring 5 hotel towers immediately on the beachfront and several luxury yachts in the harbor.


Miami Skyline Sunrise


art photo print




12" X 8"

We hold in a sunrise moment in photographer Shelley Neff’s ‘Miami Skyine Sunrise’. Composer Sean McCuaig provides a reflective, ambient track rich in warm synthesizer sound patches like the warm colorizations in the photo. Ambience in photo weaves with ambience in audio to spellbind us, to intensify our experience of the morning sun’s play on this group of beachfront hotels.

Ambient music is atmospheric. Sometimes ambient music describes an environmental condition. Other times, as in composer McCuaig’s track, the music describes an emotional, or perhaps a spiritual condition. Sean’s sustained synth carries us slowly, over a minute’s time, through one single musical phrase. And really it is the experience of the sustain over the experience of the phrase which marks the ambient quality.

Likewise, in Shelley’s colorization, we are held by the experience of warm oranges and purples, more than by recognition of the subject skyline hotels. The image offers a heightened experience of early morning’s light forming halos on buildings, glowing purple on harbor yachts. It is not the story of those buildings or those yachts.

Shelley has done much with photo colorization. But the application of this technique in one of her building exterior shots is rare, and wonderful here. In her other building exterior shots, which include many of the Harrisburg, PA Capitol and many of Washington, DC landmarks, Shelley relies more on angle interest and time-of-day choices.

We have been fortunate to offer images by Shelley as art greeting cards. We have expanded the offering now to include art photo prints in a variety of sizes. You can explore the entire Shelley Neff collection of prints and greeting cards in the Midisparks Art Shop.


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