Melted ice upwelling from the ground refreezes on top with the tannin from the leaf litter below coloring it amber in this winter abstract.


Upwelling of Melted Ice


photo print




8" X 10"

How do you spell amoeba? It seems the right first question here. For the upwelling of melted ice has the amorphous characteristic of the single-celled blobs typcially found beneath the ocean. And truly, without the title’s clue, we might not be making any associations with ice at all. The extreme closup conceals the subject of a gaping, jagged hole formed by melting ice in an otherwise frozen surface. Closeups in nature often succeed in abstracting the subjects and such is the case here.

Beyond Burt’s artistic meanderings on conventional and not-so-conventional guitars (including cigar-box guitars), his creativity frequently extends into the realm of natural sound effects. His introduction here of wintry wind and bubbling waters is not in your face, but subtle, well integrated into the mix and the feeling of his laid back and reflective track. Nevertheless, it solidifies the connection of the audio with the visual image, rooted in assumptions of cold climate along with some progression between solid and liquid states – melted ice.


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