A night photo of Harrisburg, PA Market Street Bridge reflecting off of the Susquehanna River in this work of Shelley Neff.


Market Street Bridge Reflections


art photo print




12" X 8"

There are several popular restaurants on the west shore of the Susquehanna River. Two in particular feature views of downtown Harrisburg and the Market Street Bridge. The closest to the bridge is RockBass Grill. On warm nights we can sit on the terrace and appreciate city and bridge light on water. Year round rows of tables border the inside of long glass viewing windows. The elegant interior gives the feeling of dining on a 1950’s yacht. The conversation level is a gentle buzz.

Dockside Willies, right next door, is geared toward college students and the young at heart. The pub offers gourmet brick oven pizza, creative salads, “man-sized” sandwiches. You can catch the game (whatever the game might be) from just about any angle in this popping American dining venue. The conversation at Dockside’s is more an energetic drone than a gentle buzz, and when the Eagles intercept, well, you will know it! Here also a tiered terrace offers lots of outside seating in good weather and tables line glass viewing windows inside.

If we were to guess which of the two venues offered photographer Shelley Neff a deck for her shot of the Market Street Bridge and downtown Harrisburg at Night, we would guess by the angle that it was RockBass.   The gently reflective nature of the photograph speaks of a sleepy Capital offering up a bit of warmth with a lit bridge reflecting on the water. Joe’s gentle piano and strings track reinforces the mood and adds feelings of romance and nostalgia.

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  1. Perfect capture with the picture. Expressive and controlled. The music adds such a vibe to the picture that pours into your mind and brings the sun to regain strength. ‘Thats the way it is’ is how this combined artwork shares with me. Thank you for doing what it is you do. Hope you get much success. Dont stop.

    • Yea Dave. There aint no better photography on my site than Shelly Neff and Joe Funk audio hits the sweet spot with this one. I think every restaurant in town should own this beautiful photo. If only I had the salesmanship to make it happen cause it SHOULD happen!

  2. Thanks guys! I hope to be up and running with a new project soon here once again. Cheers from Joe!

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