Circular chandeliers hang from a suspended frame and light bulbs glow like stars to transform a vaulted ceiling into majestic heavens.


Majestic Heavens


art photo print




12" X 8"

Look upward to a visage of majestic heavens in motion, created by circular chandeliers suspended from a vaulted ceiling in this interior photograph by Shelley Neff. The suspended frame is created by a series of steel ovals fixed by metal slats of different lengths. From this frame hang the chandeliers, likewise formed by concentric circles of steel, each of which presents some heavenly body at its center. We see Sun, Saturn, and stars. Somehow the light radiating from the slatted framework propels this oval clockwise.

The area surrounding this oval is alight with some 40 glowing white bulbs, so many stars orbiting the interior planets. They seem to move counterclockwise. On the ceiling itself we see the outlines of constellations and a sword bearing saint.

The sharp woodblock hits of Dan Goldstein’s track perhaps speak to the bright spots of white light speckling the canvas. The hypnotic nature of the track’s trance style seem consonant with, and perhaps contribute to the mesmerizing effect of staring for some period of time at the kaleidoscopic images in Shelly’s photo. Ultimately the music finishes the process which the photography begins – to transform the observation of a decorated vaulted ceiling into a spaceship’s view of heaven.


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