An ice covered tree in winter, or perhaps a light covered tree, radiates magical energy, for good or evil, as the viewer may see it.


Ice Covered Tree


photo print




8" X 10"

An ice covered tree in winter seems ablaze in radiant light. Artist Jerry Langell does an amazing job with the color blue in his digital treatment of an Oroville, California tree in winter. That we do not see the base of the tree, but rather that it emerges from blackness, sets a mysterious tone to the piece.

Without doubt there is some ambiguity here, some mystery about the origin of this blazing white labyrinth. We are full of wonder at the energy drawn from this natural source (the ice) through artistic license. There are several ways to go with abstracting an ice covered tree. The artist can zoom into the ice itself and emphasize the variations of texture and reflection. But in this case the artist studies external projections of energy by the ice. His representation of that energy with a shimmering shade of blue that sets off beautifully from the deeper blue of the sky is very satisfying.

But perhaps the artist suggests something entirely unnatural. Some invisible power has bathed the tree in a blinding electrical charge. Perhaps this perception ties more directly with the mysterious tone set by pitch black origins at the bottom of the canvas. We could easily suspect some haunting afoot. Ghosts and spirits have taken possession. We do not get a sense of evil, however, but rather of a benificent supernatural energy that is attracted and attaches to objects in nature.

Composer Stohgs succeeds in conveying the electrical energy of the painting, particularly with the introduction of a static tinged, quacking synth. But really the entire groove suggests the vibration of energized branches, if not the outright swaying of the trunks.

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