the outline of a horsehead can be detected in this stunning red nebula image by popular space art artist Rafael Kempter.


horsehead nebula


8 large greeting cards




5" X 7"

How can we best describe, or animate, with music the outline of a horse in a red nebula? Well, if that horse is formed by a cloud of red gas and dust, and appears to be galloping ahead, we might suggest an active plucked synth, heavy on the delay and reverb, to give both the sense of energetic motion and also of space ambience. But Composer Promenade2239 provides us with more than an energetic ambience for artist Rafael Kempter’s red horsehead nebula. His music also emphasizes depth in the painting. His audio panning left and right, forward and back, resonates with the bright bursts of white and blue, close to us on the canvas. Then again, distant audio echoes draw us to small white star patches, placed further back in the painting. The music adds a sense of mystery and of dimension to the visual work. It heightens our awe at the formation of recognizable imagery, in this case the horsehead, in what we might think of as random formations in space.

Perhaps ‘Horsehead Nebula’ is not the strongest entry in the greeting card collection insofar as substantial amounts of the canvas are dark. Generally a subject that is concentrated or dispersed in a way which fills the rectangular space densely is more effective. Nevertheless, space art fans will enjoy sharing their passion via greetings on this large, linen-finished card.

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