The branches of leafless black trees in a haunted woods seem animated, monstrous in this painting by artist Ron Kendall.


Black Trees


pen and airbrush




12" X 15.5"

In this eery painting by Ron Kendall, a haunted woods of leafless black trees follows the curves of an icy, receding path. Sky and horizon are segmented into bands of glowing purples, lavenders, blues, violets.  Or perhaps some supernatural vapor permeates the frozen air. Twisted branches reach upward, seem animated, engaged in some ancient and secret rite of worship.  The trees are supercharged, electrified.  Jagged white veins, sharp slivers of lightning, form a ubiquitous weave within them.

The secrecy of the ritual itself is so coveted, perhaps, that the unsuspecting wanderer into its midst cannot be tolerated. Was some poor woman, in her floor length dress, fully absorbed into foremost tree? Do you see the profile there?

At Halloween time we dare to scare. But the spooky season also explores, in more subtle ways, our relationship with the unknown – with death, with the mysteries of nature. The season is a time of profound transition from the vitality of spring and summer to the (temporary) death of winter.  For despite the wintry scene before us, we are fully aware of an energy, a spirit, a presence.

The audio track by Pete Tebar does not take us all the way to the terrifying possibility that a woman was absorbed in one of the trees. But it does provide an ambience suitable for the ancient rite, or for our own emotions in confronting this mysterious scene. The woodblocks especially, deep and reverberating, seem the very voice of this haunted woods.

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