Haunted House Art at Midisparks Art Sales. Harrisburg's Zembo Shrine is transformed into a haunted mansion by photographer Shelley Neff.


Haunted Mansion and Castle


art photo print




14" X 11"

A haunted mansion and castle are created by photographer Shelley Neff with creative colorization and filtering techniques. Composer Joe Cramer offers a dark and foreboding audio track which relentlessly sustains the ambience of tension and mystery. In the first image, the looming gothic edifice seems to push out from the darkness and crack the canvas. Or perhaps the jagged black border and leafless trees are about to swallow up the castle entirely.PURCHASE CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE ART PHOTO PRINT IN THE ART SHOP

PURCHASE HAUNTED ZEMBO SHRINE ART PHOTO PRINT IN THE SHOPHaunted Zembo Shrine, Harrisburg, PAIn the second image, Harrisburg, PA’s Zembo Shrine is transformed into a haunted mansion. An upward looking camera angle serves to emphasize the looming, towering aspect of this old stone edifice. The arched windows are black, gothically pointed. Shadows form thick bands, punctuated by fragments of supernatural blue, across the facade. The branches of leafless trees hang limply, desperately. Shelley works with the limited amount of available moonlight which diffuses through a cloudy sky. Where Shelley allows that light to concentrate creates a cool and creepy experience. For example, notice the concentration of light on the right side of the landing. Our eye is drawn up dark stairs to this spot. We thus get up close and personal with the foreboding structure. Just enough light outlines the long arching windows at the top to make us chillingly aware of the pitch darkness within. And yet we wonder at the internal source of light that allows us to distinguish red stained glass in smaller windows below.



  1. Now I feel at home in this kind of atmosphere! Very creative works from the picture. Captured well the hidden building within the ‘front’ building. Good eye, see beyond no limits. As for the music! Oh hell yeah!! Joe did very well for Shelley picture. Really dig how the music harness the mystery of the theme and adds great depth to an already deeply spooky trip!! Great work and thank you for sharing with us, Keep doing it!

    • I agree Stohgs. Joe’s track is subtle, sustains tension in this unusual haunted house double feature. That subtle terror in the track works well with the hiddenness of the building, as you say.

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