Ghosts flying amongst leafless trees observe a dog like petrified wood below in this enchanted and haunted painting by artist Nancy Winters.


Ghost Filled Night


oil on canvas




40" X 52"

Three white ghosts flying about in a petrified woods are up to no good in this fanciful Halloween Art by Nancy Winters. They are compact, faceless, emotionless, bearing wings like capes, or capes like wings. They are amoral agents (of whom?) on their silent mission of destruction. Some poor dog, having wandered unknowingly into this woods, is now likewise petrified. The ghosts did it! Unnaturally close yellow and blue stars twinkle cheerfully, ironically, as if there is anything good about fresh green woods, or flesh or blood, turning stone dead.

We could have offered a more benign discussion of Nancy’s fanciful painting. The ghosts are cute, delicate, unexpectedly graceful. The wooden dog is a nice surrealistic touch. Colorful stars in close proximity create magical charm. But the audio of composer Elize Kaisser does not so easily permit such a happy approach. This is haunting music for a haunted scene. The heavy effecting with reverb and rapid fire panning suggest something intentional is afoot in the art, and not for the good.

This featured art for the 2016 Midisparks Halloween Music Contest is offered through affiliation with Yessy, and the sales link will take you to that site. You will want to contact the artist about the painting. This painting will be a significant addition to your collection. It’s haunt will endure.




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  1. Hi Jessy I just wrote music for your piece of art Ghostfilled night, I hope you will like it

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