In a ghostly woods, white leafless branches frame a full moon and cloud in this Midisparks Halloween Art Contest entry by Bertha Hamilton.


Ghostly Woods






24" X 24"

We are definitely anticipating a Halloween fest soon in these ghostly woods. The parade is apparently just around the corner, as the Crucethus audio track hints.

It seems artist Bertha Hamilton finds just the right balance between reality and the supernatural in this abstract depiction of two leafless trees touching branches on a a moonlit night. Of course a strong moon could light up the trees SOMEWHAT, but what are the chances of such completely ghostly white trees? The are clearly spirit possessed. Likewise, the ground below could reveal some hints of blue from moonlight’s reflection on snow. But again, Bertha’s blue ground is plasma like – extraterrestrial! So some basic elements are in place to give us the desired Halloween shiver.

And perhaps we expect an audio track full of whistling wind and howling wolves. And yes – that would work well. But unexpectedly, composer Crucethus takes us on a very different ride, really suggests a completely different narrative for the painting.

We can’t do better than some of the comments on this track that have appeared so far over at Looperman.

Crucethus: Thanks Ed, join the black parade of the half brained zombie like voodoo encrusted soldiers of funk as we give it to you dark like on this spookiest of spooky nights yet to come. (sic. queue the evil laughter, maniacally)and if you don´t have much brain left, then your safe from the brain eating zombies. As they won touch your brain, but they will devour your soul. (ooh that went all dark, didn´t it) Anyhow, glad u enjoyed this one.

Phatkatz: I picture an undead disco taking place around a bonfire complete with disco balls, flashing lights and alot of zombies grooving out. ‘All Hallows Funk 2016’ :p Is that Donna Summers I see getting down?



  1. I feel the ghost trees are dancing with each other. I think the narrative is something along the lines of a forest Halloween party is coming up. The audio creates anticipation that some celebration is in the works.

  2. So here is what I see with this piece in relation too my music. It´s like a funky New Orleans funeral procession of ghosts and ghouls that just funked on between those trees in a spooky voodoo parade just an hour before we see now.

    • Yes, and their energy remains still, illuminating trees a ghostly white, animating the trees to continue dancing with other. and turning earth and sky an other worldly phosphorescent blue!

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