A howling ghostly skull and contorted body suggest torment in this Midisparks Halloween Art Contest painting by Sefkat Islegen.




original acrylic




60 X 80 cm

A lost and twisted spirit, this ghost exists in a world of torment and pain. It’s contorted body, perhaps a symbiont of human and a creature unknown, moves malevolently and yet majestically in time with the dark haunting melody.

Demanding attention, the ghost has already entered your soul. It’s power is strong! Hypnotising it’s prey, you’ve stared too long and now the ghost has captured you! There is no escape! The ghost snares you almost hypnotically, pulling you deeper into it’s world, entwining you in the reality of it’s living nightmare. You are lost!

Now you submit to the rhythm. Your body moves, sways and contorts in tandem with the dark and eerie sound, as you compliantly bow down to the dark and ghostly overlord. You cannot fight back. Your spirit, your soul has been submitted. You are now enslaved!

The ghost twists and turns, keeping perfect time with the musical heartbeat. It engulfs you in mist of greyness that you try to resist, but you cannot. Shape shifting and changing, it entwines you within it’s very core. Soon you will become one with the ghost as it consumes yet another soul.

The ghost is evolving. It is host to the souls of the living. It consumes, it wants to live and become stronger. It is unstoppable! A twisted host of pain and nothingness, it now has you within. You are as one with this ghost for all eternity. Confined, you dance together in a world of purgatory.

We are fortunate to be presenting the art of Sefkat Islegen. You may inquire about purchase of the original at the Yessy site. Please click on the shopping cart to go over to Yessy and be in touch with the artist.


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  1. The way the music, art, and narrative integrate here really gets my Ghost on! Words, images, sounds are all tugging, all compelling. Great work on this project.

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