Two uninhabited ghost ships surrounded by abstract stormy seas in this Midisparks Art Sales Halloween contest entry by artist Kozyuk Gallery.


Ghost Ships in the Storm


acrylic on canvas




30" X 40" X 1.5"

Why might we suspect that these are not normal sailing vessels but ghost ships?  Is it that sails, masts, and even hulls are lightning white, as if permeated by some supernatural charge?  Is it that despite the hurricane raging about, sky and sea concentrating into a ferocious maelstrom, that the the ships themselves are eerily, calmly stationed.  Really, do these ships weather the tempest or create it?  Or perhaps they are birthed from it.

It seems that a necessary condition for ghost ships is to be unmanned.  Of that we have no evidence.  In this acrylic painting from the Kozyuk gallery, it is primarily the abstraction of a storm into something quite unearthly which leads us to conclude that the ships themselves are not of this world.  At the giving of the Law on Sinai tradition teaches that G-d bent the sky down to the mountain.  It was surely an awesome act, but as surely a beneficent one.  In our painting the sky likewise reaches down to converge with rising waves.  But there is no good intention here, no blessing.  Rather, nature, if this be nature, is raging, threatening, wreaking havoc and revenge.  Regardless if these ships were delivered by nature or themselves agitated nature into the current condition, we have good reason to fear them.

The audio by SkarredKage adds energy and anxiety to our viewing.  But we are not offered the force of howling winds, or thundering drums, or power chords.  The energy derives from the repetitive chatter of spirits and robots, of unearthly elements that are calculating and in control.  The composer’s audio elements confirm for us what we cannot certify from the painting itself – the demonic possession of the ships.

Despite our painting’s designation as a Halloween contest entry, Ghost Ships in the Storm will be a timeless and haunting contribution to your collection.  You may inquire about purchase at the Yessy site, for which a link is provided.


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