In this fish still life, two fish are laying upside down, possibly deceased. An underwater setting by artist Uriel Augustin,


Fish Still Life


art photo print




7" X 5"

In this fish still life by Mexican artist Uriel Agustin, a pair of carp float upside down next to a ganglion of kelp. The wide open eye which each fish presents defies our supposition that the creatures are dead. Anyway, it is much more fun to ascribe some playful characteristics to our fish pair – they must be practicing their backstroke!

It is not our well wishes for the fish alone that suggest some possibility that they live and move ahead in their unlikely position. The artist’s left pointing half oval of silver border seems also to convey a sense of motion, or potential motion leftward.

The midisparks atonal audio track, however, really seems about the state of floating. The ethereal harplines succeed in setting us deep below the ocean’s surface, with a consequent state of disorientation. Perhaps the dreamlike, otherworldly mood of the audio makes possible a projection of our selves into these fish – we float in an ambiguous state between dream and wake, life and death.

We are fortunate to have so many new paintings and photographs for sale on the site by the talented Mexican artist and biologist Uriel Agustin. We invite you to browse his entire portfolio on the site though his artist profile and to consider also purchasing a print of Fish Still Life in the Midisparks Art Shop.


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