Young boy and girl share the wonder of their first kiss in this colorization of a 1920's photograph by Carney's Colour Photo Creations.


First Kiss


art photo print




8" X 8"

Young boy and girl share the wonder of their first kiss in this colorization of a 1920’s photograph by Carney’s Colour Photo Creations. Carney’s is in Australia, but the boy’s stylish Gatsby flat cap was certainly a fixture of the period in the United States and European countries as well.

Known also as a newsboy cap, it is made of 8 triangle panels that meet at the top with a covered button made in the same material. It has a small brim that the top rests on. The baggy look was standard. In the summer these caps were made of a light colored linen or cotton poplin material, lined in silk to breathe. In cooler weather the caps came in tweed, herringbone wool, and corduroy as well. Darker colors were worn in the winter- blues, greys, and browns-in solid, plaid, and check patterns
All classes of men wore these hats, even boys selling newspapers on street corners hence the newsboy hat name. It was mostly a working mans hat from working class origins as a fisherman’s hat.

Given the relative lack of clues, other than a hat ubiquitous to the era, about the location of our young couple’s first kiss, we can happily rely on the audio to offer a suggestion. In this case, a happy accordion melody places us easily in some Western European country, France perhaps, or Italy. That there is not certainty about venue only makes it easier for us to transport our own memory into the picture, to fill in the gaps with our own sweet experiences from early youth. We hope the happy music encourages equally happy reminiscences in our viewers.

We think ‘First Kiss’ is uniquely qualified for the Midisparks Greeting Card Collection and we hope you will consider purchasing this fine product. First Kiss is also available as an 8″ X 8″ art photo print on archival grade Fuji lustre paper.


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