Monarch butterflies fly upwards and inwards in this photographic composition by artist Tabitha Borges.


Fall of the Monarch


art photo print




6" X 9"

Artist Tabitha Borges animates her monarch butterfly photograph with a fascinating superimposition effect, an effect that creates a sense of motion and a third dimension. Tabitha offers, “I used the card board filter lens made by Grandfather Robert Thompson to clone 4 objects. Then I went to Co-rel Pro Nine and adobe Paint to stretch and filter the piece. . .” In the artist’s work we see two butterflies which seem to be lifting off. They fly upward. White bursts of color beneath the butterflies along with a few vertical white lines suggests thrust. Finally, all that remains of our Monarch pair are these white bursts and a little bit of wing, for our butterflies have flown off the top of the photo. But there is also a sense of motion directly into the photograph. We see the right butterfly wing in the lower left and upper right quadrants which seems to be receding directly into the field.

Composer Stohgs’ musical response to the animated image has impact for its restraint. Stohgs chooses a laid-back feel, with his chordal progression outlined delicately by bell-like tones from an electric piano. An electric guitar riff descends over this gentle texture. The music reminds us of the essentially delicate quality of the butterflies themselves. The descending sonic riff somehow slows down the ascending motion in the image, and suggests that this motion upward is graceful, measured. Stohgs offers, “The Butterfly – a simple design with so much twist in its detail. When gazed upon it while in its natural habitat giving a sense of relaxation and alertness. With the audio provided may it help you discover its chill nature surrounded in a harsh environment.”

Music for art sometimes offers a commentary or a suggestion. Here, the music asks us to remember the graceful and delicate aspects of these Monarch butterflies. The music anticipates that we might make a bit much of Tabitha’s white bursts and the sense of thrust they create. Slowing us down a bit, the music also gives us a chance to appreciate the third dimension in Tabitha’s composition, the hint of butterflies also flying directly into the photograph.

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