A dashing young Edwardian gentleman in a three-piece gray suit and a derby hat in this colorization of a vintage black and white photo.


Edwardian Gentleman


greeting card 8-pack




5" X l7"

We are quite impressed with this dapper Edwardian gentleman. And well we should be for he is the complete male fashion plate of the day. From the brown bowler hat, to the blue cravat winding around a wingless high collar, to the three-piece gray suit complete with lapel chain and white hanky in the pocket, this Edwardian gentleman seems fully put together and ready for his evening on the town.

We turn on composer Stohg’s audio track with some expectation of genteel or otherwise elegant strains that might fit the narrative of the upper crust on display. Instead, a fatalistic piano chord immediately suggests something seriously amiss. And if we had not noticed before, the music draws our attention to our man’s sideways glance, sinister and calculating. Does he observe his next victim perhaps? We are reminded of the 1920s gangsters, or even of gang culture in our day, where outward appearance lends an air of respectability or cool.

And we can’t help but root, just a little, for the criminal. And the music puts just the right amount of tongue-and-cheek humor into the mix to let us know that’s okay, even expected.

Our Edwardian Gentleman on the Midisparks Art greeting card makes a bold, even provocative statement. It certainly makes for a “guys” card. It speaks of strength, mystery, even seduction. If you like sending greeting cards that make a point, or an impression, or otherwise incite a reaction, our Edwardian Gentleman card is for you. The Carney’s Colour Photo Creations greeting card collection is full of these unique personal statements to add emotional flavor to your special greeting.

You can discover the entire collection by clicking over to the Art Shop on the shopping cart link provided above. The high resolution (300 DPI) download may be used for commercial projects provided a credit is provided to Carney’s.


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