The black wing of a Downy Woodpecker, streaked and spotted with white, blends remarkably well with the tiny black berries on winter holly.


Downy In The Berries


8 large greeting cards




7" X 5"

A Downy Woodpecker, nestled in a winter holly shrub, contemplates perhaps her flight to the next insect rich tree. Or perhaps she is wary of some unseen predator which has forced her into this camouflaged moment. Adult Downy Woodpeckers are the smallest of North America’s woodpeckers. They produce a number of vocalizations, including a short pik call. Like other woodpeckers, the Downy also produces a drumming sound with its beak as it pecks into trees.

Photographer Shelley Neff’s capture is rich with implications for an accompanying audio track. Shall the composer feature a pecking effect? Will we hear some other ambient effect that speaks of our gentle bird’s environment? Or perhaps the music will suggest in some subtle way the bird’s state of alert or the unseen threat of harm. Another approach might describe the bird’s camouflaged state, in which a rather constant sonic texture is interrupted subtly by a dissonant element.

The fullness of berries, black and green, makes a wonderful canvas-filling subject for our linen finish greeting card product. We hope you will visit the Art Store and select Downy in the Berries from the Shelley Neff greeting card collection. The shopping cart button above will take you over to the store.


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