The death cycle slams a rider against the wall splattering black and red gore in an expressionist abstract by Serbian artist Danijela Jovic.


Death Cycle


gallery mount




8" X 10"

I see the frontal shadow of a black motorcycle on the right bottom portion of the canvas. I imagine two scenarios in this bold, even violent abstract by Serbian artist and composer Danijela Jovic. On the one hand, motorcycle and rider have been squashed against a white wall. Oil and blood splatter. Or perhaps we tilt the entire viewpoint 90 degrees, such that motorcycle lies flat on the ground, front wheel turned upwards. The rider is off the canvas – likely unconscious on the ground. Blood and oil form streaks on white snow.

The audio of Hugues Racine aka ‘Stale’ is hard hitting but extremely upbeat. Hugues shares that the track was written in memory of a friend who died in a motorcycle accident. The track is the biker’s celebration of freedom. Clearly the composer opted to celebrate his friend’s life in the track. But how to reconcile the harsh, violent brushstrokes of the painting. Or does the music lead you to a completely different response to the visual?

The painting speaks of a wipeout. I see the black outline of a motorcycle in the lower right corner. It seems the rider slammed into a wall and the forward energy is conveyed in grotesque splashes of blood and oil against the white surface. It is a dramatic, if tragic ending to a life well-lived – a life which took freedom by the handlebars and rode it for all it was worth.

And surely this is at least one connection we can make between Danijela’s painting and the celebratory rock track of Canadian rocker Hugues Racine. We learn from Hugues that he wrote his track – ‘In Speed’ – in memory of a friend who died in a motorcycle accident. But Hugues does not reflect upon the violent end, but rather the assertive and exhilarating life.

Expanding like a flame, the speed of sound I chase. Sailing down the road, I’m in control. The wind is in my face, nothing can go wrong (In speed, I belong. So free, can’t go wrong.) The colours are passing by, like a blurry scene. Nothing’s in the way. I’m in control. Nothing’s stopping me, nothing can go wrong. (In speed, I belong. So free, can’t go wrong.) . . . IN SPEED I BELONG . . .

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