Thick brushstrokes of black and red form this abstraction of a crouching lion by Serbian artist Danijela Jovic at Midisparks Art Sales.


The Lion


Gallery Mount




11" X 16"

If I were an abstract crouching lion, I would certainly want my supporting audio track to suggest either my roar, or my jungle, or both. At the very least, I would hope for a certain strength, a certain tension, a certain wildness.

It would be an entirely different matter if the artist had not named the painting The Lion. If that were the case, interpretive options would likely multiply. Then perhaps the composer sees not a crouching lion but a Christmas tree, or a table in a French cafe, and musical decisions would run apace.

But the fact is our artist named the painting. For some of us, at least, a deference to that specification of subject creates an imperative which guides creative choices. Therefore the audio does in fact include obligatory native grunts, a sort of abstract jungle ambience, and a sustained tension.

The painting by Serbian artist and composer Danijela Jovik is ambiguous not only for its abstraction. If we do embrace the figurative premise of a lion, we must then wonder if the lion rests or prepares to pounce. The latter scenario seems more likely since the hind is elevated, the stomach raised, the head attentive.

The audio however does not seem to weigh in on the question of the lion’s intentions.

We are fortunate to be showing several abstract paintings by Danijela on the site. They are all included in the competition set for the Midisparks Winter Composers Contest. We hope you will keep up with the progress of the contest. Vote early. Vote often!

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