Artist Rafael Kempter presents from his series of cold world paintings, a red planet hovering over an ice covered planetary surface.


Cold Worlds 8


art photo print




5" X 7"

In this entry to artist Rafael Kempter’s cold world series, we feel a biting cold wind blowing across an alien tundra with red planet featuring prominently in the sky.  Our steps are heavy, slow, measured, across the craggy white surface. The rugged planetary terrain stretches endlessly to a distant horizon. A vast black sky presents white clusters of stars and startling blue nebulae. Hovering above, and close, an enormous red planet dotes like a heavenly father. Perhaps we tread that planet’s moon. We are as in a dream, as in a deep prayer, a wordless expression of gratitude for this explicit evidence of miraculous creation.

The audio track is an arrangement by Dan Goldstein. The original artist shared this on the Looperman site and is now forgotten. The track opens with spacious effects that resonate with the vast spaces before us. We feel the wind in the sound. We feel a sense of weightlessness. Beyond the meditative quality of the music, which supports our state of wonder and appreciation before this marvel of creation, this cold world. the music does not attempt to suggest any narrative. It offers ambient support for our experience of the visual work. It helps us hold perhaps a bit longer, engage a bit more deeply, with the work.

And perhaps that audio dimension to our initial experience with Rafael’s painting will stay with us when the artist’s painting is properly framed on our walls. We hope the memory of music lingers on each time our customer views the art.

We are happy to offer Cold Worlds 8 as an art greeting card and as a art photo print.


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