The shiny reflection on the floor of the Washington National Cathedral Bethlehem Chapel reveals soaring columns and a vaulted ceiling.


Cathedral Reflections


8 large greeting cards




7" X 5"

The shiny reflection on the floor of Washington National Cathedral’s Bethlehem Chapel attests to some humble man performing his humble duty in magnificent fashion. The visitor here, whose depressed spirit allows perhaps only a downward glance, is offered reflections of hope and elevation, reflections of his own potential for self improvement and greatness. As the eyes of our encouraged guest draw upward, he sees the column bases, solid blocks, unshakable foundations. The columns’ first decorous bands, protruding gently, smooth and curved, speak a graceful word, one of comfort. So he lifts his eyes still further and upward. Even as the whole space is filled with grandeur, so is our inspired witness filled with awe. It is awe for man’s creation. It is awe for G-d, whose glory all this celebrates.

Dan Goldstein chooses a warm, resonant brass sound for an ambient effect. Cathedral spaces have always been favorite venues for brass quintets. Perhaps two trombonists stand just out of sight and offer their humble meditation, their humble prayer. The sparsity of interval and rhythm speaks to the stillness of the place. Somehow the noble simplicity of this brass chant allows us to be impressed by this grand interior without being overwhelmed by it.

This Washington National Cathedral interior shot provides a breathtaking subject for the Midisparks Art Greeting Card. The 7″ X 5″ inch card is truly a piece of art in and of itself. These linen-finish cards make nice individual gifts. We offer 10 cards with matching envelopes for $27. Please click over to the Shop on the shopping cart button to order and to discover the other images available in the collection.



  1. verry beautiful colour of the image Cathdral, and nice fit to sounds by Dan G.

    • Yes Shelley captures the colors and reflections well. The music is very simple because the space is empty and the experience can be of stillness and meditation.

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