The large paper kite butterfly is found in India's forest clearings and above the forest canopy.


Paper Kite Butterfly


art photo print




9" X 6"

Just a hint of yellow offers some contrast on an all black and white butterfly wing in this photograph by photographer Shelley Neff of the large Paper Kite Butterfly. The Paper Kite Butterfly is among the slowest flying and most graceful of butterflies. They also taste terrible and predators rarely seek them out twice.

We are impressed by the sharpness of the butterfly image and also by the green branch upon which the insect rests, all contrasted with an intentionally out of focus background. The pentatonic movement in composer Dan Goldstein’s glockenspiel, which accompanies terse flute phrases, suggests the fluttering motion of this paper kite butterfly and also perhaps the fleeting nature of this precious moment of repose.

The Midisparks Art Sales butterfly collection includes four entries by Shelley and one by photographer Tabatha Borges. All of them are available as art photo prints in the Midisparks Art Sales Shop.


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