Brown heath blends into light blue sky, then dark blue sky, like strata of sedimentary rock, in this watercolor painting by artist ViVaDa.


Brown Heath


art photo print




16" X 11"

ahh – such a beautiful, tranquil feeling in this lovely watercolor abstract by artist Karsten. The warm browns of the earth, which hosts part of black picket fence. Perhaps the earth is a bit parched, from the red lines suggesting cracking, but generally it is warmth we feel. And then there is the gentle blending, like strata of rock formation, into the first light blue (star command blue) part of the sky. Then light blue gently darkens into oxford blue.

One expects perhaps, some bucolic melody, something sentimental and sweet, to accompany our wistful watercolor of a brown heath. But composer midisparks has none of it. Apparently he sees an entirely different scenario. In fact the whole landscape is an electrically charged, alien terrain in his ears and eyes. And the spirit is one of foreboding and uncertainty. His effected toms, of which there are 6 in total, beat a steady warning. His synths are off-tuned, in ways which relate mathematically to the color scheme and which also convey an unearthly sense to the painting.

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