Two brothers, in matching green caps packing a cooler on a blue bench in this watercolor painting by ViVaDa.




art photo print




11" X 14"

big brother this rap goes out to you

if you still have ears to hear

but I fear you are too gone bro,

too gone to know, to remember,

to feel the family that loved you,

the kid brother that held you dear.

In the place we came from

our family was rare for staying together

a mother and father that cared, that shared,

always praying that we should walk in His light,

but Dad lost sight, forgot the right,

lost the fight, then the slaying.

When Dad was gone we held on to each other

we had each other’s back, yea

we didn’t lack for love then, yea

you didn’t pack then


But personalities form as they do

Anger, resentment formed you

Where your soul was turned hollow

you took to the street, put your feet

in a place where hate and violence rule

My pen was my tool, not a piece.

You turned a dark corner bro.

I couldn’t follow.

4 bars = refrain

Verse 2

remember those cold Winter mornings

selling those Sunday papers

standin on the corner hawkin walkin up to cars

hittin on folks leavin mass

my ass freezin for their buck-25

plus a tip, shit no reason to quit

we’d flip them joints in a few hours

Hell I was glad to do it

cause threw it I got closer to you

Dad welcoming us home like heroes

Pancakes and coffee warmin us

Yea his love formin us

till they took him, yea

you should have picked up the pan then

but you picked up the gun

run out on your family bro


but I guess pesonalities form as they do . . .

4 bars = refrain

Verse 3

remember Rich Stadium bro? watchin them Bills

that was the day watchin OJ runnin that ball

you and Dad was all about that team

screamin at the refs when they messed up a call

I was no ultimate fan, no fan of the crowds

even cowed by the loud, by the rowdy

but I was down with one crowd, yea

you and Dad was my crowd

Brother don’t you see you were blessed?

workin and playin, you always did your best

but there was one test you messed up on man.

Humility and Faith FAILED,

against Anger, against Pride


but personalities form as they do . . .

German artist Karsten Thole captures a sweet moment for two brothers. They both wear green ball caps. They pack a cooler together and plan their outing.

Perhaps a moment before anger led a big brother out onto the street.

Karsten instills everyday scenes from life with a gentleness and sweetness that resonates with our own best memories. It is accessible art, art that permits us to step in.


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