'Big Red Boat' Depicts the Hamburg harbour ferry "Tonndorf", built in 1960. Water colour painting by artist ViVaDa. 40x30 cm


Big Red Boat


art photo print




9" X 12"

Karsten reports that he used to travel to work in this big red boat once upon a time.  And perhaps the Dan Goldstein audio, despite some modern sounds, speaks to the old-time workaday routine, the daily commute (even if as ostensibly romantic as a big red boat ride!) with its unapologetic repetition of the synth lead.   There is an optimism, a bouyancy, like the floating of a ship in the harbor waters, about that lead.   For routines offer some reward.  We have the opportunity to perfect our execution.  It is true in our place of work.  It is true in our place of worship.  It is true in our home.  And therefore the routine, the repetition, becomes a cause for celebration in and of itself.  For through it, we reach our highest level in relationship to our own potential, in relationship to how we serve our families and our communities.

The amazing execution of the artist’s work – the control of the water color medium, the choice of colors themselves, the profound treading simultaneously of realistic and abstract, is all further cause for celebration.  We are fortunate to have the opportunity to show Karsten’s watercolors on Midisparks.  We think you will love having this art on your wall!  Please click over to the shop and buy a Karsten print!  Prices are reasonable!  Quality is excellent!


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